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After years of being part of local bands, Seattle veteran Indie rocker, Will Moore forms his solo project in 2016. With the help of - Yakup Trana, who later became the guitar player in Will’s project - Will Moore signs a record deal with a local boutique label and releases his debut “My Mistake”. “My Mistake” is a collection of deeply personal songs that were recorded to document how Moore was feeling after the death of a close friend. These friendships are key to Moore who’s played music in almost every incarnation between his first band Pawbox (LA ca 2006) and Pistol Star to other Seattle-based projects such as Widower, The Chasers, Kasey Anderson. These friends have been through wild times together (just ask Will about the time Pistol Star opened a Celebrity Poker tournament with Ron Jeremy and members of the BackStreet Boys) and have been there for him during tough times as well.

Will Moore follows up his 2016 debut with a new EP “Something to Visualize” (April 2018), an album chock full of dark pop-rock tunes that feature his signature three-part harmonies. Influenced deeply by Elbow, Spoon, and Foo Fighters, Moore blends his Northwest roots seamlessly with subtle electronic elements. “Something to Visualize” shows Moore still grappling with the changing nature of relationships, but is more collaborative, largely due to Yakup Trana’s time spent working with Moore, and Moore working with long-time friends, producer Matty Green (whose worked with everyone from U2 to Gwen Stefani), Rob Davidson, Ryan Leyva to help flesh out the sound of the album.

Moore got his start in a youth choir where here learned the important lesson of building harmonies. Through his experience with them, Moore has lent his voice to soundtracks including Exorcist: The Beginning and The Legend of Zelda’s 25th Anniversary. It also plays a part to what attracted Lance Moore (keys/back vox) (2017’s World Karaoke Champion) and Yakup Trana (gtr/back vox) (MTV EMA Nominee) to this project.

Will Moore has a couple of West Coast tours under his belt with this project. In November 2018, they’ll be hitting the road again, this time with vinyl produced through a successful crowd-sourcing campaign as well as a national radio promotion backing up the shows.

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